Home Health Aide Training Classes 2019

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Instructions For Inservices: 

1. Watch all videos in the employee portal.

2. Download any attached reading and quizzes.

3.  Complete your quizzes by selecting the correct answer  (insert the letter to the right of the question, see number 1 in FIRST AIDE quiz as an example) Place an ‘X’ beside your true or false answers.

4. Once quiz is completed: a)save your file and email it to information.caringtouch@gmail.com as an attachment OR b) copy and paste quiz and answers into the body of the email OR c) type your answers into the body of the email OR d) take a picture of your answers and text it to Helaine at (973)756-5018

*NOTE*: some quizzes do not have a corresponding reading; ensure to watch videos for information.